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General surgery is a medical specialty that focuses on surgical procedures involving the abdominal organs, including the stomach, liver, intestines, appendix, gallbladder, and thyroid gland, among others. At Alpha Hospital expert team of Doctors and surgeons are trained to diagnose and treat various conditions through surgical interventions. who can perform the most complicated surgeries like Thyroidectomy, Appendectomy, etc.

The department of General Medicines offer treatment for every medical problem. It has an Acute Medical Care Unit, Intensive Care Unit with the capacity of Twelve Beds in each Unit with 24 hours Resident Doctors and Nurses who have got specialization in intensive care to tackle all kinds of Medical Emergencies. Also our department is fully equipped with ventilators, Pulse Oximeters, Glucometers, and Monitors etc.

All General Surgeons are trained in emergency surgery. Bleeding, infections, bowel obstructions and organ perforations are the main problems they deal with. Cholecystectomy, the surgical removal of the gallbladder, is one of the most common surgical procedures done worldwide. This is most often done electively, but the gallbladder can become acutely inflamed and require an emergency operation. Ruptures of the appendix and small bowel obstructions are other common emergencies.

Types of General Surgery:

  1. Abdominal Surgery: This type of surgery involves procedures related to the abdominal organs, such as appendectomies, gallbladder removal, and hernia repairs.
  2. Gastrointestinal Surgery: Gastrointestinal surgeries address conditions affecting the digestive system, including surgeries for colorectal cancer, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s disease.
  3. Endocrine Surgery: Endocrine surgery focuses on the treatment of hormonal disorders and involves procedures such as thyroidectomy, parathyroidectomy, and adrenalectomy.
  4. Breast Surgery: Breast surgeries encompass procedures like lumpectomy, mastectomy, and breast reconstruction, which are performed for the diagnosis and treatment of breast conditions, including breast cancer.
  5. Soft Tissue Surgery: Soft tissue surgeries involve the removal of abnormal growths, such as skin tumors, cysts, and lipomas, as well as the treatment of skin infections.
  6. Trauma Surgery: Trauma surgeons are specialized in providing emergency surgical care to patients with severe injuries, including those caused by accidents, falls, or violence.

Services Offered at Alpha Hospital

⇒ open Surgeries

⇒ Laparoscopic Surgeries

⇒ Accidental Cases

⇒ Plastic Surgeries

⇒ All Kind Of Laser Surgeries

⇒ All Abdominal Surgeries

⇒ All Gynae Operations

⇒ Urology Cases

⇒ Hernia

⇒ Hydrocele

⇒ Brest Cases

⇒ Abdominal Lumps

Dr. Siraj’s expertise in general surgery combined with his commitment to patient well-being make him a trusted choice for surgical treatment. He strives to ensure each patient receives the highest standard of care, employing the latest advancements in surgical techniques to achieve optimal outcomes.

Dr. Syed Sirajuddin

Gen. & Laparoscopic Surgeon

With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Siraj is a highly skilled and experienced general surgeon dedicated to providing excellent surgical care. He specializes in a wide range of general surgery procedures, delivering compassionate and personalized treatment to his patients.

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