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Time has changed and so have the trends of health care industry which estimated to be the third most important industrial sector in the world. Alpha Group of medical science run by Dr. Syed Sirajuddin, Chairman, is a part of this changing Global Health Care scenario that is striving to provide its best in Education & Medicare.

Alpha Group started with a small unit of Hospital & Diagnostic Center serving all the medical segments that matches its resources with the rising expectations, the levels of health care eventually with become a reality by the unflinching courage and remarkable efforts located at Moghalpura, Hyderabad, spreading its wing with another hospital, Diagnostic Centre. To the credulity of the services Alpha & Farooqui Hospital a world class 120 bedded super specialty Hospital for the practical to the students of Alpha School of Nursing.

Introduction to Nursing

Nursing is an integral part of the Health services of the country and the comprehensive health services which India is committed to an in high standard of Nursing Practice. A basic course in General nursing is built and on which further professional education depends. This preparation is more than requisition of technical skill. The modern concept of nursing and the rights if an individual in democratic society require that the basic nursing course makes provision for continues development of student as an individual and citizen as well as a nurse capable of functioning effectively in a hospital or community. An education such as this is rightly the responsibility of an educational institution.

Health Nursing Department

Alpha School of Nursing is having extensively planned, organized and Health Centers in both in Rural and urban areas. Since slums in surrounding areas dominate the area, the fertility rate is quite high and the students will have potential of home delivery cases as recommended by the Indian Nursing Council. It is very rich field to participate in camps and various clinics and government health programs.

Description of Courses

The course in general nursing is 3 ½ years duration, divided as follows:

» Two and half year theory and practice in general nursing and one year community health nursing and midwifery.

» The maximum hour per week per student shall be 36 hours, which includes instruction and clinical field experience


General nursing & Midwifery course
(G.O. Ms. No. 648, H.M. & F.M. Dept)

Minimum Qualification
10+2 preferably with science subjects must have secured minimum of 50% marks.

Preliminary period 
There should be a preliminary period of 12 weeks. During this time she will attend the watch for observation and supervising practice not exceeding 16 hours per week. An examination to access the student’s ability to continue the course

Note: Six Sundays are already subtract of these week are six days for instruction / practice.

Hours available:  Annually 42 x 36 hours = 1512 hours approximately it is recommended that hours of institution and clinical field experience be divided as follows

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