About Us

We are a modern Medical Hospital


Alpha Hospital is started in the year 2001(01.01.2001) with a motto of improving health care for nearby people in the old city of Hyderabad and to bring advanced and modern methods of treatment to the patients.

Started with great enthusiasm, with many specialists of all faculties viz.:-

1) Surgery
2) Gynaecology and obstetrics
3) Paediatrics
4) Cardiology
5) Medicine
6) Pulmonology
7) Neurology
8) Orthopaedics
9) Plastic surgery
10) Burns gastro enterology
11) ENT
12) Ophthalmology
13) Urology

Services offered are:

 Well organized reception with experience staff
 Casuality
 Day care centre
 Well ventilated waiting halls for the comfort of the patients and attendants
 Well equipped outpatient cabins of all the departments
 X-ray digital
 CT scan
 Ultrasound scanning with advanced machines
 2D Echo
 24 hour functioning well equipped lab for all advanced investigations with high end modern equipment.
 A very good team of Accounts department supported by Sr. and junior accountants.
 Record room section which store complete data of all IPs and Ops.
 Separate Gynaec section with separate operation theatre.
 Minor OT (for small procedures)

Our Vision

Alpha Hospital is a well established and renowned hospital in this part of the city. Caters to the majority of the patients of all categories, accepts all complicated cases referred by other hospitals, as this hospital has a very confident and experience professionals and back-up team. Very soon, it is going to start all joint replacement surgeries and 100% Laser Treatment facility for surgical and urology and Gynaec cases. This facility would be first
of its kind in this part of the city.

Modern medical facilities are equipped with the latest technology and equipment that are essential for providing advanced medical care to patients. These facilities offer a wide range of services including diagnosis, treatment, surgery, and rehabilitation. Advanced medical imaging technologies such as MRI, CT scan, and ultrasound provide highly detailed images of internal organs and structures, which aid in accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. Minimally invasive surgical techniques have also revolutionized medical care, allowing for faster recovery times and reduced risk of complications. In addition to advanced medical technology, modern medical facilities also prioritize patient comfort and convenience. From comfortable waiting areas to private patient rooms with high-tech amenities, modern medical facilities aim to provide a seamless and comfortable experience for patients and their families. With the help of modern medical facilities, healthcare professionals can provide high-quality medical care that improves patient outcomes and saves lives.


We constantly invest in high-end equipment

24 Hours Empanelled Recognised for
 AP Gov. Employees & Dependents
 Emergency Mgmt & Research Ins.
 United Health Insurance
 Healing Touch Foundation Pvt. Ltd.
 T.T.K. Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd.

 Aarogyasri, EHS & Insurance Companies Facility
 24 Hours Intensive Cardiac Care
 Laparoscopic Key Hole Surgeries
 Day Care Center
 Ultra Sonography
 2D Echo, MRI & CT SCAN
 Cardio Heart Diseases Treatment

We promised to take care… and delivered

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  • Improving the hospital by day to day advancements in all the faculties
  • Improving the hospital by day to day advancements in all the faculties